Who I Am


Dallas Swindle is an industrial designer and fabricator who works in metal, fabric, and wood.  All of Dallas’ work is rooted in and stems from an intense love of learning and an insatiable curiosity for the way that everything works.  He has been fascinated by industrial processes since he was wee, that interest hasn’t waned as he has grown.  

He has been a designer of things since 2001 when he began working with a company making wedding tents in North Carolina which led him to learn about architectural fabric, “green” textiles, welding, and machining.  This led to work with music and art festivals in and around the Southeast. In 2008 he moved to Austin, Texas and began applying his skills to stage design and mobile solar power for concerts.  There he joined a company designing public solar furniture and charging kiosks for phones and electric bikes, teaching about sustainable design practices as well as getting into festival and art production.  

In late 2011, he moved to San Francisco and joined a production prop studio to expand their capabilities into metal and large scale fabrication as well as joining with several bay area artists to design and build kinetic, interactive sculptures for Burning Man and other gatherings around the country.  

Dallas works between Portland, San Francisco, Austin, and beyond.

Photo by Aaron Rogosin