Art and Design Work

Much of my work has been in close collaboration with large-scale artist and design studios helping to develop ideas from concepts and sketches into 3D renderings designed for fabrication.

Michael Christian
Designer, Engineer, Fabricator
Berkeley, CA // 2012 – present

  • Brainchild || Burning Man, 2015
  • Tentacles|| Electric Daisy Carnival, Ghost Ship, 2015
  • EPOD|| Burning Man, Electric Daisy Carnival, Ghost Ship, 2014
  • Drifts|| Burning Man 2013
  • XOD|| Electric Daisy Carnival 2013
  • Almost|| Burning Man 2012
  • Omma|| Electric Daisy Carnival 2012

Sol Design Lab
Designer, Engineer, Fabricator, Instructor
Austin, TX, and San Francisco, CA // 2010 – Present

Solar Charging Station design and fabrication for international festivals, universities, and urban centers. Design and installations for Austin Energy, Stanford University, SXSW, University of Texas-Austin, Sierra Club, TEDx Persidio, Whole Foods, Smart Car, Coachella, Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza, Sasquatch,  Skillpoint Alliance, and Hampshire College.

One Hat One Hand
Designer, Fabricator
San Francisco, CA // 2010 – 2015

Industrial design and fabrication for One Hat One Hand, a custom set design and fabrication studio, with clients such as Zynga, NBC, Sales Force, Dwight Qualnomm, Outside Lands, Adobe, Ouya, Infiniti, Red Bull, Hermes and the Monarch bar in San Francisco.

Designer, Fabricator
San Francisco, CA // 2015

Industrial design and fabrication for

South by Southwest
Designer, Sustainability Consultant
Austin, TX // 2010 – 2014

Industrial design and fabrication for festival green projects from idea to execution, staying within the budget and meeting project goals

Art Scene Alliance
Production Manager
Austin, TX // 2009 – 2011

Facilitated all aspects of art festival event production from site layout, mapping and scouting, to event infrastructure, team management, transportation, heavy equipment operation as well as on and off-site administration.

Marco Cochrane
San Francisco, CA // 2012 – present

  • Bojon Art Car, Burning Man 2012 + 2013

Zachary Coffin
Atlanta, GA, and San Francisco, CA // 2010 – present

  • Flock (forthcoming)
  • Universe Revolves Around You, Burning Man 2012 + 2013

Sustainable Waves
Designer + Fabricator
Austin, TX // 2008 – 2010

Designed several solar powered stage lighting and sound systems, portable solar power units for sound and lighting and converted a fire truck to a mobile solar stage.

Artful Shelter
Chief Designer and Fabricator
Asheville, NC // 2002–2008

Oversaw design, engineering, finite element analysis, fabrication and deployment of over 20 unique large scale tensioned fabric structures from custom, site-specific designs to portable shade for weddings and festivals.

Charlie Smith
Atlanta, GA // 2006 – present

  • Piggy (a.k.a. Hammageddon), 2012
  • Fleeble Flobbler, Burning Man 2008
  • Triple Bypass, South Africa, 2007
  • Wandering Arrow, Bonnaroo 2008


Portland Underground Graduate School, Instructor
Portland, OR // Spring 2016

Course: Basics of Design Process: Bringing Ideas into Reality

Stanford University, Instructor
Palo Alto, CA // Spring, 2013, 2014, 2015

Facilitated Sol Design Lab Design + Build Workshop Series, in collaboration with the Solar and Wind Energy Project (SWEP). Worked with students to come up with a design for a solar charging station.

University of Texas at Austin, Instructor + Designer
Austin, TX // Spring 2013, 2014

Collaborative design classes working with students on solar charging station design/ build.

Hampshire College
Adjunct Professor: Urban Eco-Design: Solar Charging Station Design/Build for Campus
Lemelson Center for Design, Amherst, MA // Jan-term 2011

  • Developed curriculum for design, art, and science majors to build a solar charging station
  • Raised $8,000 in cash and in-kind donations to underwrite project

Art Institute of Chicago, Artist-in-Residence
Chicago, IL // spring 2011

  • Developed hands on solar workshop for professor Tiffany Homes’ DIY Ecotech class in the Art and Technology Department
  • Taught portable solar charging station design and fabrication skills to students


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  • Software: Adobe Suite, Rhino 3D, Grasshopper, CInema 4D, Corel Painter, Office suite
  • Studio Arts: sheet metal, machining, EDM, CNC 2-4 axis machining, model making, photography, woodworking, analogue electronics, video
  • Topological data analysis, 3D metrology